Love Notes

Anirudh Sharma: we were very worried about our baby if he would be comfortable if
the team can do well in making our precious moment even more special. But as
promised, Little Star Photography made us feel that our baby was at the safest place.
They give life to the pictures we were very confused at the time of selection of the
images. We had a great experience with Little Star Photography, and I would
definitely recommend them.


Priti Kakkar: Little Star Photography did the best job. The way they made our baby at
ease, making us secure about my baby that he is in the safe hands. They capture
amazing shots of the baby, and each one was absolutely unique. They are very
effortless in their job. I would highly recommend them to my friends and family
members. They are absolutely the best photographers in the town. Had a great
experience with them. Thank you Little Star Photography!


Ishaan Goel: Thank you very much Little Star Photography. You did a wonderful job
at my wife’s baby shower. You made everyone so comfortable in the function, that it
made me so much happy that I chose you. The pictures you took were extremely
beautiful and out of the world. We have received so many compliments and to be
honest, people were asking about the photographer. You made our special day feel
more special. Thank you so much again to the team. Highly recommended by our
whole family.

Sidhi Ahuja: When I looked at the picture of my daughter, I was mesmerized by the
image. My princess was looking even more beautiful in the pictures, and I remember
how comfortable she was with the team, obviously, it can be seen in the pictures
too. I can’t be more thankful to the team. I was so taken away by the pictures of my
baby girl. All the credit goes to Little Star Photography. Great job both of you. You
were awesome to work with. I would definitely recommend them.

Rohan Jain: Working with Little Star Photography was a very wonderful experience
for both me and my wife. We got some totally wonderful photographs, which are
definitely very special to me. The photos of our baby are works of art and we love
them. The only problem is there are many great pictures to choose from. The team
has done a spectacular job. I would strongly recommend them to anybody searching
for a maternity photographer.


Keerti Agarwal: We booked our maternity and baby photoshoot with Little Star
Photography, but I and my husband were quite worried at first. But it was such a
homely vibe at their studio where they did our shoot. The team was incredibly
patient with us and our baby. They took such astonishing pictures that it felt like a miracle. Much thanks to Little Star Photography for such beautiful pictures and for
creating the best memories of our baby.

Tarun Sharma: I simply needed to say thank you to Little Star Photography. It was
truly very easy and comfortable for our baby and even us. I was almost in tears when
I saw such beautiful images of my champ. I was so astonished by the perfect beauty
of my baby which was definitely seen in the pictures. Couldn’t be more grateful to
the team. I would strongly and definitely recommend them to my family and friends.

Manisha Gauba: Much obliged to you two for the pregnancy photographs, I am truly
happy that you captured those special moments as expected so effortlessly! I totally
love the photographs and can't really get over the fact that how fabulous you made
me look. It was such a wonderful time to shoot with you. Thank you Little Star
Photography for such beautiful captures. Highly recommended to the people looking
for the photographers for their baby.


Ayush Kharbanda: We had such a wonderful time with Little Star Photography during
our baby’s photography session. A debt of gratitude to make us feel totally in the
home-like environment. The pictures you took were extremely gorgeous. What a
great job you did. It was great to see my baby’s pictures captured by your team and
it was such a fun time with you. I would absolutely recommend Little Star
Photography to my friends and family.

Riya Gulati: Little Star Photography were very patient with my 2 months old twins.
My babies were seemed to be very comfortable with them as if they already know
them. The team knows how to pacify kids and make them as comfy as possible. I am
very grateful to Little Star Photography for capturing the beautiful shots of my babies
and making a wonderful memory in the form of such pretty pictures. Thank you very
much Little Star Photography.

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