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The newborn baby photoshoot focuses on clicking and capturing the moments of the newborn baby. Babies grow up faster, so there is very little time to catch their moments as a newborn. These pictures will be kept with you as a sweet memory so that you can remember these beautiful times in the future.

At Little Star Photography studio, we welcome your just-arrived baby. Our newborn baby photoshoot service is available in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, and nearby areas. All of our newborn photoshoot sessions focus on capturing the love and memories of a new life. Although we cover many other life events through our expert’s lens, we love capturing your time and moments with your newborn baby. Our creative newborn photography ideas for baby boy and baby girl provide you with a memory for your life. Our Newborn photography session gives you the freedom to celebrate with your newborn baby and family. After all, it’s all about “The Celebration of a New Life”.

Best Newborn Baby Photoshoot in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon

We understand that “these moments of your life are once, and we truly care about this. First Time Mother experience is amazing and difficult too so the fun we create with your just born baby photos will give your happiness throughout your life. Your baby is also going to feel your motherhood in the future with our amazing Newborn Baby Photoshoot. To double the joy you can also choose a maternity photoshoot to capture your baby bump.

It captures your connection with the newborn baby and the emotions within it. Before the main photography session, you can have a pre-session with the photographer, listen to their ideas, and select the style and location of the shoot. Finally, you can present your opinions regarding the photoshoot.

We have successfully framed so many new faces in our life and provided happiness to many families. Those parents are happy to title us as the best newborn photoshoot studio in Delhi, Noida, or Gurgaon. We respect this title and we always try to keep this reward in the future.

It is Said “It’s a bless to see a newborn face” and We’re getting blessed everyday.

So, here are some of our best newborn baby photographed and creative newborn photoshoot themes from our previous work.

Capturing a new mother’s experience is all about your happiness and your love for your child. This is why we love doing newborn photoshoots and give the best from our experts to make amazing creative photos.

We work in several newborn photoshoot themes and portfolios to bring in the premier feeling to the customers with the right mood and emotions. Here are some newborn baby photoshoot sessions and prices in Delhi, Noida, or Gurgaon.

NewBORN Photography Price in Delhi, NCR


RS. 11,999/-

1-2 Hour Session

All Raw Data in High resolution

1 Theme Setup with 2 different variations and changes +  Parent session

70+ digital photographs

15 high resolution retouched digital images

1 Poster 10x12Inches with Frame

Slide show video including all edited pics


RS. 16,999/-

2-3 Hour Session

All Raw Data in High resolution

2 Theme Setup with 2 different variations +  Parent session

100+ digital photographs

25 high resolution retouched digital images

2 Poster 10×12 Inches with Frame

Slide show video including all edited pics


RS. 19,999/-

3-4 Hour Session

All Raw Data in High resolution

3 Theme Setup with different variation + Parent session

100+ digital photographs

30 high resolution retouched digital images

10 Sheet Album (Inclusive all 20 edited pics) – Size(9×12 Inches)

Slide Show Video including 30 edited pics

When is the best time to take a photograph of your baby?

The best age to take photos of your baby is after 12-16 weeks of their birth. Newborn babies like to sleep a lot, so there won’t be much activity for the photograph. The photographer can only click pictures while the baby is sleeping. 

After 12-16 weeks, the baby develops a smile and doesn’t like a newborn baby’s smile, right? So you can capture their beautiful smiles and activities on your camera and keep them with you as a good and sweet memory. 

At the age of 6 months, the baby starts crawling up and tries to walk. Picture while crawling and the smiling face of the baby is the best thing to watch anytime. 

What should the baby wear for a photoshoot?

In newborn photography, the photographer wants the baby to dress up according to their comfort level. It can be a plain onesize or muslin swaddles, or just a diaper. Ensure that there won’t be much make-up applied as it takes out the natural look from the baby. 

Light creams and neutral touch up is best for the baby, and for any photo session, parents can bring anything that makes their baby comfortable. 

When and where should the photo session take place?

For the photo session of the newborn baby, timing plays an important part because most of the time, newborn babies like to sleep and relax and enjoyed being pampered and playing with their toys. The photographer should shoot these moments to make the photo session successful. 

You can select the location, or you can shoot in a studio. For a newborn baby, it is best to opt for the studio as you can all the pros and pieces of equipment for the shoot like blankets, toys, posing supplies, and many other necessary things. 

Why should you HIRE a NEWBORN BABY photographer?

Becoming a parent is one of the most joyful feelings, and welcoming a newborn child has always been exciting. However, babies don’t stay like this forever as they grow very fast in the initial period. So, here is some reason why anyone should hire a photographer for a newborn baby. 

  • Getting a picture with the newborn baby is difficult as many people use their phones and cameras, but they didn’t get that shot. A professional photographer would take a picture while keeping all the safety aspects. 
  • It can be a great opportunity to bond with the family as the photo session is a fun activity, and along with parents, siblings can also be a part of the newborn baby photoshoot. 
  • One of the best ways to keep the memories of your baby growing up. As newborn babies grow up fast, so it’s better to book our photo session accordingly.

Let’s welcome a new life with our best newborn photoshoot service in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon. Capture the good moment of your life in order to be happy in the future.

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