Best Maternity Photoshoot Poses & Dresses Ideas

Pregnancy is a wonderful time for all moms, especially those who are about to take their 1st step into motherhood. Hence, the desire to document the entire experience is quite omnipresent. Moms usually prefer to schedule their shoots between 28 to 32 weeks. This is the time when the baby’s belly looks full and beautiful at the same time. Moms are also a couple of weeks away from giving birth, hence they feel comfortable in posing.

But, what are the best photoshoot poses or ideas?

What should you wear to your shoot?

To get a better understanding of that, keep scrolling.

4 Tips for Best pregnancy photoshoot poses

Okay so let’s get started with poses. Posing could make a world of difference if you do it well. So if you are running out of ideas on some good poses, here are some ideas that will help you get through a maternity photoshoot.

1. Choose A Comfortable Spot

pregnancy photoshoot pose with husband

The location of your shoot matters the most. Make sure you choose something where you don’t have to keep walking nonstop. It has to be a safe spot for all, super easy to access & must make you feel comfortable. A lot of people prefer an outdoor shoot during the summer months because the weather is balmy & supports a nice shoot whereas winter needs you to stay at home. There are a variety of poses you can try there, from standing to seated. All that matters is where you place your hands, how you interact with your gowns, the location’s beauty, facial expressions, etc.

2. Don’t shoot straight up

indoor maternity photoshoot pose

Your goal is not to look big. It is to flaunt your bump. While all bodies are beautiful, lets not forget that the whole point of doing a maternity shoot is showing a belly bump. Hence, it is always better to shoot from the side angle. Side views are quite flattering as they help you highlight the bump. So make sure to simply cradle the belly for a couple of pictures in order to build a natural connection. Taking a side view while cradling creates a nice moment of bonding between the child & parent too. You can ask your photographer to distort and stretch the frame of the camera. Another way to create wonderful movement is by bending the knee near your camera, lifting the skirt to create a bend, and then tucking in the hair to create a curve of the wrist and arm.

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3. Interaction Matters Most

Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot poses with husband

Walking poses are highly recommended for pregnant moms. However, front-on shots must be avoided at all costs. Shooting from the side is the best way to go about it. Movement poses are also quite safe when you are busy shooting a couple. If you want to shoot with your husband, holding hands with him is a nice way to shoot. You could also do a nice twirl while he holds your hand or take a dip in his arms as well. Capturing such photos will look awesome on you as a couple and improve your bonding as well.

4. Try To Connect

pregnancy photoshoot ideas with husband

Pregnancy is often a stressful time for both mum and dad. Hence a photoshoot is a great time for them to forget all their worries, reconnect and show how meaningful their bond/connection is. Some of the common moments of connection include snuggling while seated, dad placing his hands gently on mom’s baby bump, foreheads touching each other, etc.

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6 Dresses To Be Worn During Maternity PhotoShoot

Lacy Maxi Dress

A nice maxi dress would be really nice on you if you want to highlight those curves during your shoot. You can always choose one that comes with cap-sleeves. Its double lines prevent v neckline and sheerness also adds more attention towards the decolletage. Not just that, this amazing style comes in various colors, so you obviously get a lot to choose from.

Off Shoulder Midi Dress

There’s no better way to look glamorous than sporting a nice boho dress. These dresses work perfectly for all photoshoots and come with nice Bardot top sleeves. Not just that, it comes in a variety of colors. If you want to buy our choice, then make sure to try the cranberry color. It’s perfect for all moms.

Slip Dresses

Maternity shoot dresses are absolutely beautiful aren’t they? They always come in full length, which allows the bump to highlight all the correct spots. It also has an adjustable strap that works perfectly within a week of pregnancy right till the time you have reached the due date. The jewel tones also pop up in the pictures, leaving people surprised.

Boutique Dresses

Do you wish to dress up like a boho goddess? Then a nice lacy boutique dress with chiffon would look absolutely amazing on you. Such dresses usually come with a nice scoop neckline, a waist that looks elasticated, and a nice skirt that showcases your curves wonderfully. The dress also comes in a variety of colors and sizes.

Off Shoulder Gowns

Speaking of gorgeous-looking pregnancy photoshoot dresses, make sure to try a sexy-looking off-shoulder gown. This one is not just beautiful but also appealing and classy all at the same time. The shoot dress is excellent in statement-making. It also has a nice bodice along with a nice tulle skirt that gives in that extra wow factor.

Ruffle Tie Dresses

If you’re planning to do a maternity photoshoot sometime during summer, then make sure to try this one out. It will give you some serious summery vibes. Ruffled maxi dresses usually give you a warm & relaxing feeling. Not just that, it has an elasticated waist which draws close attention towards your baby bump. It is perfect for maternity shoots.

However, you don’t have to limit yourself to loose fabrics. Flaunting your curves & baby bump is the norm nowadays and a nice maternity dress can help you with that. You can try different patterns and colors, depending on what you look and feel comfortable with. Avoid using synthetic materials as they won’t allow your skin to breathe well and reduce usual circulation as well.

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