8 Pregnancy milestones a father will experience in 9 months

The nine-month journey from pregnancy to childbirth is a time of enormous love for the would-be mom and dad. Parenthood brings tonnes of emotions and feelings of overwhelming to a new dad. A father also goes through excitement, nervousness, and fear until he finally holds the baby in his arms.

Pregnancy milestones a father will experience in 9 months

Well, there’s a long list of all those ‘firsts’ that a father will go through that will be magically memorable. Here is a glimpse of all those crazy-exciting-wonderful firsts for a would-be father.

1. The first time a father gets to know that he is going to be a dad:

A father experiences tones of feelings and emotions on seeing his wife’s positive pregnancy test report. The father’s happiness and excitement level reach an all-time high, just when he gets to know about beginning his parenthood.

All the crazy reactions like screaming out loud to let his neighbors know the good news, do a full-on happy dance, or maybe crying out loud and repeating that we are going to be parents!

2. The first time a father experiences his pregnant wife’s weird cravings:

The father gets his training to be a loving father during the journey when he pampers his pregnant wife and handles all her mood swings, especially when it comes to food. The father may see his wife demanding ice cream and losing her interest in ice cream and demanding something different when he arrives with ice cream to her. 

Well, a father should make sure that he doesn’t leave his wife with incomplete desires even though they are the weird ones. 

3. The first time a father sees his baby’s sonogram photos:

Talking about today’s trends of keeping memories, almost all the couples go for baby shoot once they welcome their little one to their family. But technology has brought a fantastic thing that can capture the baby even when he is in his mum’s belly. 

The father not only feels the baby and realizes the bond, but these sonogram pictures also prompt the father to think deeply about his upcoming roles. 

4. The first time a father buys something for his baby:

No matter what you buy, whether a cute pair of shoes or a few adorable stuffed lovies or bringing stuff to decorate your little one’s room, the shopping process will leave any father’s heart pumping with unconditional love. 

The father already starts waiting for a little yet special roommate once he gets the news of his baby coming. And he starts capturing this journey’s memories with Little Star Photography and cherishes them for his entire life. The father feels the baby’s closeness through such efforts of welcoming his little bundle of joy with all those itty-bitty pairs of shoes and rompers with cute captions or maybe customized products.

5. The first time a father listens to his baby’s heartbeat:

In the whole journey of nine months, the father gets to feel the baby through the mother or some pathological processes. And ultrasound is one of them. 

Well, the father becomes the happiest one; the doctor finally hooks the father up for hearing that little one’s heartbeat. The moment is enough to make a father feel blessed with the biggest blessing anyone can have and to assure him that the baby is equally excited to come out and meet his dad waiting out there.

6. The first time a father feels his baby:

It can be undoubtedly said that a father finds various ways out of his excitement to feel his baby. And he would want to rub his wife’s belly frequently, which is the most special moment for a father, waiting for his baby so that he can hold him/her in his arms and shower immense love. 

7. The first time a father hears his baby’s gender:

Going to be the essential part of team blue or pink? Well, this is the most memorable moment for all the expecting couples. Many couples, especially the fathers, count down in anticipation of finding out the sex of his baby. Because these are some special things through which the father feels that he is actually going to be blessed with a precious gem.

This revelation ends the father’s curiosity that he is going to be a superhero of his cute princess or a super dad of his little champion.

Moreover, along with all those innovative and attractive genders reveal ideas for theme-based parties, the couples make sure to capture all the baby’s special moments by planning creative baby photoshoot even before the baby arrives.

8.The first time a father feels his baby’s kick:

The first kick is the moment that raises the excitement of a father to the highest possible level. A father tries zillion times to feel his baby’s naughtiest deed even before he actually welcomes him to this world, his kick. But this happens when the couple least expects it.

A father often feels disconnected as the baby is more close to his mum. But hey wait!! Around 20 weeks or so, the baby gives a sweet little nudge to let his father feel him and experience that pleasure. It feels magical to experience even the tiniest scrabble that can happen anytime while walking down the street or while having your meals.

In nutshell, this nine-month journey and the post-delivery baby photoshoot newborn are the most precious moments of a couple that are filled with incredible love and warmth. And the feeling a father experiences on holding his baby for the first time is irreplaceable.

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